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A world-class large diameter pipe manufacturer in North America, Jindal Tubular strives to create the best pipes in the market and works tirelessly to improve product quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our customers include large gas transmission companies, midstream companies, structural contractors, and pipe distributors.

Company Profile

Jindal Tubular USA, LLC is the Market Leader in Total Pipe Solutions

A joint venture between the P.R. Jindal Group and Ferrotech FZE, Jindal Tubular USA, LLC manufactures large diameter Helical (spiral) Seam SAW Pipes (HSAW), with a pipe coating facility adjacent to the pipe mill. Jindal Tubular provides pipes for energy transmission and infrastructure projects. Jindal Tubular's customers include major oil and gas companies, midstream pipeline owners and operators, industrial and structural sectors, and the critical pipe distribution market in North America.



  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2014
  • 2018
Spiral I Commissioned
Coating Plant Commissioned
Spiral II Commissioned
Jindal Tubular Acquisition
Expanded Capacity for Major Project Execution & Increasing Market Share

Health, Safety, and Environment

Jindal Tubular USA provides all necessary training and resources to ensure a safe place to work
and a safe system of work.

Jindal Tubular maintains a safety culture of free and honest reporting and improvement through regular performance reviews. The health of all employees at the Jindal facility is closely guarded by ensuring clean working environments, good air quality and health surveillance. We adhere to the highest standards of health and safety by following these best practices.

Jindal Tubular is committed to maintaining an environmentally conscious footprint by exceeding all local, State, and Federal laws and guidelines. Environmental stewardship is a core belief as it is our responsibility to protect our ecology.